This picture was originally posted by Jeff, from Explorations Early Learning…but has since been re-posted by thousands. It states quite clearly what many of us think daily. The importance of play for young children has long been overlooked. I could go on and on about it, but I think Alec Duncan has expressed it well … Continue reading

Choosing books to read

Click here to find a great article that provides some tips on reading with children, including how to choose appropriate books, and concepts to teach during book reading times.  

“Come Look With Me” series

Today I saw, for the first time, one of the books from the “Come Look With Me” series. It was amazing. And now I have to buy the whole set 🙂 Each book in the series has various famous paintings, along with discussion questions about each painting. I love that this will inevitably lead to … Continue reading

Teaching preparation

I spent several hours of my holiday with a laminator and guillotine, preparing games and activities for teaching (most of these were printed from Teach This). Since I am a casual teacher at the moment, I was looking for time-fillers and spontaneous activities that could be used with a variety of age groups. Things like … Continue reading

Standardised testing

Excellent article: How a Crackpot Education Reform Theory Became National Policy Although this was written with US schools in mind, I found many parts of the article applicable to the Australian school system. The author discusses using tests to judge teachers’ performance: “No school in any country, at any time in history, ever tried doing … Continue reading


My casual teaching this week included a classroom of children with varying degrees of autism, as well as other special needs. It was different to anything I had experienced while on prac, but a rewarding experience nonetheless. Initially, I found myself  allowing the children to misbehave or not listen to my instructions. It was hard … Continue reading

New beginnings…

I have submitted my final assignment, and sat my last exam! Four years of studying to be a teacher, and I am now qualified. It’s an odd feeling, and there are moments where I don’t quite know what to do with myself. I am employed as a casual teacher with the Department of Education, so … Continue reading